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In survey after survey, employees list employee benefits at the top of their priorities.  But with escalating costs you need an advisor who can find inovative solutions.

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Group Medical Plans

The health and well being of your employees leads to more productivity and less time off from work.

Finding the right plan that meets your employees health insurance needs and fits into your budget isn't easy,  especially when you have a business to run.

A qualified health insurance broker can survey your workforce needs and search the market for plans that provide the benefits and medical providers they need while keeping the cost reasonable.  The broker will also handle the enrollment and implementation process.

We are on the leading edge of designing and providing ICHRA (Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement) plans  as a way for employers to provide health benefits to their employees.  Find out how cost effective and flexible an ICHRA can be.

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Ancillary Supplemental Benefits

Medical studies show that dental health is important to a person's overall health.  Group dental plans are a very affordable option to provide your employees access to regular dental preventive services and more extensive care when needed.

Vision plans encourage regular vision exams and help pay for corrective lenses and frames.  Good eyesight is essential in performing duties safely and effectively.

Group life insurance plans provide your employees' families with a fund to help them through a very difficult time in their lives while they adjust to living without their loved one and the income they provided. 

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Other Products

Short term disability insurance makes sure your employees get a portion of their income if they are temporarily unable to work due to illness or an accident.  Unfortunately their bills don't stop coming if they have to stop working.

Long term disability plans allow someone who is permanently disabled due to illness or an accident to continue to live with dignity.  Short and long term disability plans can be employer paid or employee paid on a voluntary basis.

Keyman life insurance provides your company with a lump sum of money to replace the value lost or the cost to replace and train a key employee in the event of an untimely death.

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