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Individuals and Families

Protect yourself and your family from the financial risks of high medical bills or untimely death

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Health Insurance

Without a Qualifying Life Change Event, individuals and families can now sign up for health insurance only during the annual open enrollment which begins  November 1st and ends January 15th.  For coverage to begin on January 1, the enrollment must be completed by December 15th

Certain life change events may trigger a Special Enrollment Period throughout the year and allow you to change or enroll other times.

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Life insurance is something you do for your loved ones to provide for them after you're gone.  When you purchase life insurance you are purchasing peace of mind.

 Life insurance allows your to trade pennies for dollars!  For a small premium now, your family can receive a large lump sum later to help them continue your dreams for them.

 ​Contact us know to find out how affordable life insurance can be

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Other Coverage

Dental Insurance


Vision Insurance

Dental, Vision and Hearing Insurance

Disability Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

Short Term Care Insurance

Gap Insurance


Healthcare Sharing Programs and Ministries

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